About Us


A collection of handcrafted leather and textile goods, made in the USA, one by one, with materials curated from around the world.
Warehide has been built on a passion to create, with a connection to materials. What has made Warehide possible is the idea of creating something from nothing. How original, right? In this case, it is. Ones’ remnant has become the very composition of Warehide. Warehide has taken post industry wares and transformed them into functional consumer products. 


We guarantee uniqueness, no two products are exactly the same. 
You can be assured that you will have a bag as unique as you. Our materials are from the source so we can ensure they are right on trend, or in some cases have that ageless appeal. 


Quality over quantity.
At Warehide we are on the pursuit of perfection, but we understand that there will be improvements made everyday. We are taking a different approach to development. Our product offering is widely based on consumer feedback. If you are interested in creating your own, send us a message.


We have come to see that there is material out there that deserves another time to shine. And this time for as long as you please. In a world of fast fashion, millions of tons of textile waste are created, making it the second most polluting industry in the world. Our purpose is to create functional consumer products made from upcycled materials. With Warehide and our slow fashion approach you can help to make a difference. 


How we are different?
Materials. Price. Design.
We offer leather and fabric combinations that cannot be found in mass production. You get it, right? Each style is an original Warehide design and we cannot wait for you to enjoy yours! 



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